Volunteer with The Petaluma Music Festival

| 2016 Petaluma Music Festival

August 6th, 2016

Elite Volunteers
As usual, our elite volunteers (those who work 2 or more shifts) will be provided a festival t-shirt and lunch (Saturday only). Feel free to pick the jobs and shifts that work best for you.

Volunteering for any shift gets you free admission to the festival which opens at 11:30 am Saturday, August 6th and goes till 9:30 pm.

Adding Additional Volunteers
You can add other volunteers under your application but they will default to the same job and shifts as you are signing up for at that time. Choose "me+1" for you and another volunteer. To sign up with different jobs and shifts, other interested parties will need to sign up separately with their own volunteer contact information.

If you have already signed up for an assignment this year, you may sign up for additional shifts below as before. To remove shifts or check volunteering status, click "Already volunteering? Check your status" below.
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